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Thursday, October 06, 2005

How To Never Lose the Remote

Apparently today is LifeHacker appreciation day as two of my posts (back-to-back no less) come from the ocean of life-tips that the site consists of. So without further ado ...

from LifeHakcer, "If you have trouble keeping track of your remote controls, today’s MacGyver-worthy tip should keep your remotes anchored in this reality. Attaching a duct-tape tail to your remotes increases their visibility and makes them almost impossible to lose."
ok, so maybe this isn't the most aesthetically pleasing of the life hacks, but I think this is great. This type of ingenuity is just the thing my life needs now. By this weekend I imagine many of my easily lost personal items will wind up with tails: my cell-phone, my carkeys, my wallet, my mouse ...

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Ways You Can Make Money From Credit Cards

A guide to making those debt inducing monsters, known as credit card companies, reward you with income. The plan is apparently three-fold: rewards, loans and purchase protection. Nice tips for the credit shoppers out there. You should be careful however. Those companies have many tricks to turn the tables in their favor. Via LifeHacker

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"...But My Lips Hurt Real Bad!"

Once in a while, you come across something that you know will forever change your life. The following is an account told to me by a friend of mine when just such a thing happened earlier today. For narrative purposes the account will be told in the third-person.

He entered Wal-Mart, totally ignorant of the dramatic happenings awaiting him. He began his numblingly boring task of searching for something of overwhelming unimportance when it happened. He saw a bright light coming down from the heavens upon this ... treasure. Maybe it was chance, but I believe it was fate that led him down this particular aisle on this particular day. Stunned by the magnificence of the object he froze right in the middle of the aisle, blocking all traffic. As he began to come to, he remembered his trusty camera phone in his pocket. "The world must see!" he stated poignantly as his quivering hands snapped the picture. "Now, they will see."

Above is the picture that was captured of possibly the worlds greatest plush doll of all time. Its Napolean Dynamite baby!!! The king of nerds, now in doll form. He also quotes several lines form the movie. I couldn't find any links to purchase one so you will have to take my word for it - apparently this is pretty new. Enjoy.

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