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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hack The Cracker Barrel Peg Game

Ok, maybe its much less of a hack and more of a tutorial of how to cheat at this game. Nevertheless, it would still be fun to hustle your friends the next time you sit down at Cracker Barrel.

For an insanely thorough analysis of this game:

And then for a practice session:


How to Throw Cards With Skill

Throwing cards as deadly weapons seems impossible. Little bits of cut-out cardboard suddenly becoming capable of piercing hard fruit, drywall, or even a brown paper lawn bag is beyond the believable unless you are open to anything you've seen on TV-or anything, period

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Poop Suit: a new patent for human waste management

Do you hate going to the toilet? Have you ever wanted to poop into a plastic bag attached to your body? Then this is for you.

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USB Mouse Hack

This is an interesting mod I found at i-hacked.com. This guy hacked a USB hub and his mouse to have an extra USB port at his fingertips. The idea is pretty creative and simple. Also, it got me thinking. Where else could one use an extra USB port?

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Real Life Batmobile for the US Military

From Georgia Tech Research News, "A concept vehicle designed to illustrate potential technology options for improving survivability and mobility in future military combat vehicles will be shown publicly for the first time Sept. 13-15 at a military technology meeting in Virginia. The concept vehicle, known as the ULTRA AP (Armored Patrol), was built to help the U.S. military evaluate multiple science and technology options – including ballistic and mine protection – that could benefit future vehicle design. The concept vehicle combines proven vehicle technologies with advanced materials and engineering concepts."

Looks like the military is finally starting to listen to Hollywood. The movie industry is always a great resource in terms of concept and design. Just imagine what we could do with an army of those mechs from Matrix.

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